Hi, my name is Harsh Patel I'm a software engineer, who is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship.

I'm based in the Chicago area; Currently a fullstack engineer at CVS Health, and a graduate student studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech focusing on AI and Machine Learning.


I'm a full stack software engineer based out of Chicago. I'm currently working at CVS Health as a full stack engineer. Working on web applications that use HTML, CSS, Angular, Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot and SQL. Before that I spent a year working as a data engineer as a data engineer at Outcome Health. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I'm currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech studying Computer Science and specializing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Software Engineer Advisor (Full Stack) at CVS Health

​September 2018 – Present
  • Writing clean, maintainable and tested code on a Java, SQL, Angular stack; We practice test driven development.
  • Working on an XP team, developing, prototyping and iterating on the app many times.
  • Working in a pair programming environment, communicating ideas clearly to the business project manager (BPM) and project manager (PM), POs, and other engineers.
  • Working with Spring framework to develop APIs for the app.

Founder and CEO at Food Fight

August 2018 - December 2019
  • Graduated from the Founder’s Institute Idea Stage Startup Accelerator.
  • Cold called, networked and connected with hundreds of people to clearly define my idea.
  • Pitched the ideas in different formats to many investors and entrepreneurs that were mentoring in the Founder’s Institute program.
  • Working on team building, marketing and growing the company.

Software Engineer - Data at Outcome Health

​March 2017 – June 2018
  • Was the single point of contact for the daily ETL based data loads and the ETL process at OH. Managed, improved, and maintained the ETL system end to end (From gathering requirements, to coding, to creating efficient tables in Redshift, to deploying code to ECS).
  • Worked on an enterprise wide project to consolidate all of our asset information; wrote python code to clean, transform large amounts asset data collected in different forms since the company’s conception. The project is a huge added value to the company's bottom line and also to the company’s supply chain management process.
  • Created ETL tasks from scratch using Python while leveraging AWS S3, Redshift, EC2 and Docker.
  • Improved the efficiency of the ETL system by 40% (what used to finish running by 8 am or later, now runs by 5 am). I also worked to reduce failure rates of the ETL.
  • Effectively trained other engineers to work on the ETL and DW.



90% Complete
Java 90%
70% Complete
Python 70%
70% Complete
SQL 70%
60% Complete
Android Dev 60%
50% Complete
C++ 50%


80% Complete
Spring 80%

Version Control

80% Complete
Git 80%

Web Design

90% Complete
HTML 5 90%
85% Complete
CSS 3 85%
75% Complete
JavaScript 75%
75% Complete
TypeScript 75%
70% Complete
Angular 70%


90% Complete
Agile / Scrum 90%
90% Complete
Test Driven Development (TDD) 90%
90% Complete
Extreme (XP) Programming 90%


Master's In Computer Science at Georgia Tech

Focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

​2020 - Present

Graduated as a "Founder" from Founder's Institute (FI)

Focused on Entrepreneurship


Founder's Institute is an idea stage accelerator. At FI I learned about taking an idea from idea to startup. I pitched the idea for my company Food Fight to dozens of investors and entrepreneurs in the Chicago land area, and learned how to effectively pitch an idea. I also learned about marketing, law and sales; everything it takes for you to get started with a new idea.

Bachelor's In Computer Science From University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Magna Cum Laude / Honors College

​2014 - 2016
GPA: 3.75

Data Structures, Algorithms, Mobile App Development, Machine Organization, Automata, Object Oriented Programming and Computer System Security.


UIC Engineering Design Team, UIC Honors College


Virtual Standup
Dart / Flutter / Android

Building a way for my team to track work and have a "stand-up" meeting virtually

HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap

Code for this website!

Minecraft for Type 1 Diabetes
Java Script

Using Minecraft to teach children how to manage their Type 1 Diabetes.

Android Nano Degree Apps
Java / Android

Some apps I built when I was working on Udacity's Android nano degree

Robotics Nano Degree Projects
C++ / Python

Some projects I made when I was working on Udacity's Robotics Nano Degree

More Projects

Im always working on new projects, click on the github link and see more of my project!