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Hello, my name is Harsh Patel. I am a computer science student at the University Of Illinois at Chicago, and I plan on graduating December 2016. I love solving problems, reading books, playing sports and thinking about the future. Some of my interests include mobile application development, cloud computing and the Indian National Cricket Team.

I love developing Android applications, and also learning and reading about new technologies. Along with technology, I love reading about leadership, business, philosophy and the economy. I believe that code should be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is powerful, which is why I love to write scalable code that is also clean and maintainable.


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Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2016

Skills Learned:

  • Basics Of Hadoop And Map-Reduce
  • JUnit
  • Java(A much better understanding of Java Programming)

What I Worked On:

  • Wrote clean and maintainable Java code on projects that enabled the team to run Hadoop jobs on a much larger scale, in an efficient and fast manner. (The jobs that used to run on small cities can now run on large continents, and in some cases can handle the entire world)
  • Wrote Java code that improved the efficiency of the testing process by a huge margin, before one Hadoop job was ran per city, now one job can be ran for multiple cities and landmarks across the entire world. This way data gets populated faster and with very little interference from humans.


Data Science Intern

Spring 2016

Skills Learned:

  • Python (Pandas)
  • Bash

What I Worked On:

  • Responsible for writing Python code that read from the Asana API and allowed the team to stay on track.
  • Wrote Python and Shell Script code to automate report creation and report delivery.
  • Wrote a program to complie a zip folder of the reports and save the data to Google Drive, and email data to people on the team.
  • Learned how to write clean, efficient and maintainable Python code.



80% Complete
Java 80%
70% Complete
Android Dev 70%
60% Complete
C++ 60%
60% Complete
C 60%
50% Complete
Python 50%
55% Complete
SQL 55%
50% Complete
F# 50%


Hadoop, Pandas

Web Design

70% Complete
HTML 5 70%
60% Complete
CSS 3 60%
60% Complete
jQuery 70%
70% Complete
JavaScript 70%
70% Complete
FireBase 70%



Version Control



Arduino, ROS



Bachelors Of Science In Computer Science

Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2016

Major GPA: 3.82

GPA: 3.75

Harper College

General Studies (2012-2014)

GPA: 3.73

James B. Conant Highschool

General Studies (2008-2012)

Intresting Courses

  • CS 478 : Mobile Application Development

    Learned how to develop Android and IOS applications.
  • CS 487 : Computer System Secutiry

    Learning how to hack networks, programs and many other applicatoins. Learning how to protect from hackers, and write better more secure code.
  • CS 362 and CS 261 : Computer Design and Computer Organization

    Learned about the low level workings of the computer, how the cache, RAM, CPU and other such computer components worked. Also learned about roboitics, and Arduino
  • CS 480 : Databases

    Learned how to create and use effective and efficient relational databases.
  • CS 398 : Independent Study and Research

    Working on making a REST API for a location based social network.


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